Nevada Gun Laws

Nevada is a state that guarantees its citizens the right to own firearms for lawful purposes. It is one of the most pro-gun states in the country. Article 1 Section 11 of the Nevada constitution states "Every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes".

Open Carry of Firearms

Nevada law does not expressly prohibit the open carry of handguns. A person may carry a handgun without having a CCW permit as long as the gun is not hidden/concealed on their person (ie, in a hip holster). The handgun must be clearly visible.

Concealed Carry of Firearms

Nevada allows a person to carry a handgun concealed/hidden on their person. A concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit is required.

Carry in Vehicles

Loaded revolvers and pistols may be transported inside a vehicle. However, if the handgun is concealed on the person, a CCW permit is required.

State Pre-emption Law

Nevada has a series of state laws (called "pre-emption laws") that prohibit counties and municipalities from enacting firearms laws (except with regard to the discharge of firearms). Specifically, NRS 244.364, NRS 268.418, and NRS 269.222.

North Las Vegas Warning: The incorporated city of North Las Vegas has a city ordinance that prohibits the transportation of loaded guns in vehicles. Although this ordinance is in violation of NRS 268.418, the City of NLV has simply decided to ignore the state law. You may be cited, arrested, and prosecuted by the City of NLV for violating this ordinance (even though state law says they can't have the ordinance in the first place). A lawsuit has been filed against the City of NLV in Nevada District Court seeking to have the ordinance repealed.

Firearms Prohibited

You may not carry a firearm in any of the following...

  • On school property (public, private, higher education).
  • On child care facility property.
  • Buildings on airport property.
  • County and municipality owned parks.
  • Buildings in federal National Parks.
  • Buildings with metal detectors at the entrance.
  • Buildings used by state or municipal governments with "no weapons" signs at the entrance.
  • Buildings used by the federal government (offices, post office).
  • Private property when "no weapons" signs are posted (not a violation of law, but not in compliance with the property owner's request).

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