CCW permit target qualification

As part of the CCW permit application process you must qualify with one firearm. You may shoot anyway you like; whatever is more comfortable for you. You are not timed.

WE HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY MANY GUN OWNERS ASKING IF QUALIFICATION IS TIMED OR A SPECIFIC STANCE/HOLDING TECHNIQUE IS REQUIRED. The ONLY legal requiremet is to qualify at specific DISTANCES. NV law does NOT require qualifying be timed, a specific stance be used, or specific holding of the gun be used. The only requirement is DISTANCE (3, 5, 7 yards).

Gun Qualification

As of 10/1/2013 you no longer need to qualify with a semi-auto and revolver or specific gun. You only have to qualify with one gun. By qualifying with any one gun, you are permitted to carry any gun. The caliber and type (semi-auto or revolver) is irrelevant. When you qualify with any one gun at the class, you can carry any gun you like!

How To Qualify

Option 1: If you already own a gun you can qualify with us at our CCW class on our private range. We qualify our students at the beginning of class. Bring one gun with 50 rounds of ammo.

Option 2: If you do not own a gun yet you can qualify with one of our guns. The total cost is $25 which also includes your ammo.

Standard Required to Qualify

You must score 70% at the following distances from the target...

3 yards - 6 rounds must hit target

5 yards - 12 rounds must hit target

7 yards - 12 rounds must hit target

What You Need to Bring

  • Bring one gun (either semi-auto or revolver).
  • Bring 50 rounds of ammo.

What We Provide

  • Free access to the private gun range
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Targets

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