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NV does NOT recognize CA, OR, WA licenses! Residents of those states must obtain a NV non-resident CCW!

The NV CCW course must be done physically in Nevada with a NV-licensed instructor. Out-of-state courses, NRA courses, military experience do NOT qualify. No exceptions!

If you currently have an out-of-state CCW you can see if NV honors it by using this interactive map click here!

CCW Las Vegas is a licensed provider of the required 8 hour class for those citizens who want to obtain their Nevada CCW permit. The Concealed Carry Weapons permit (CCW) is required for persons who want to carry their handgun in a concealed manner on their person while in public or in their vehicle.

The completion of the CCW permit class is the first step you need to take in order to obtain your Nevada CCW permit. Our class is certified by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Our instructors have 25 years military and firearms experience.

If you are interested in obtaining your Nevada CCW permit get started by enrolling in our next class! Call 702-475-4078.


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