About the CCW Las Vegas class


Looking to obtain your Nevada CCW Permit? We offer the required 8 hour class that you must take as part of the application process. Our school is authorized to provide firearms training by the City of Las Vegas and is certified by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. If you currently have an out-of-state CCW you can see if Nevada honors it here.

Class Hours

The class is held on Sundays 7:30am - 5pm.

Class Location

CCW class location

CCW class on range


The first part of class will be target qualification (for those students who already own guns). After students qualify, the classroom format will commence.

The majority of the classtime will focus on firearm safety and Nevada-specific laws. In addition, the class will cover the following subject matter:

  • Handgun Knowledge & Safe Handling
  • Ammunition Knowledge
  • Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
  • Firing a Handgun
  • Shooting Positions
  • Firearms Law
  • Avoiding Criminal Attacks
  • Controlling a Violent Confrontation

Utah CCW

The Utah CCW is valid in dozens of states, allowing you to travel with your gun to states that do not recognize a Nevada CCW. We strongly recommend the Utah CCW - you never know when or where you will be traveling in the furure!

Florida CCW

The state of Florida will accept the certificate you get from our school for a Florida CCW. No additional education required. Simply mail in your Florida CCW application with our school certificate. That's it! We strongly recommend the Florida CCW - you never know when or where you will be traveling in the furure!

ccw las vegas class introduction

Our Instructor Qualifications & Certifications

  • NV & UT CCW licensed instructor
  • Nationally Recognized Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training
  • NV Private Investigator Licensing Board Firearms Instructor
  • Nationally recognized Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
  • Master Coach/Senior Coaching Instructor: handgun, rifle, and machine gun
  • Professional Membership: International Association of Law Enforcement - Firearms Instructor

Enroll in CCW Las Vegas class

Class Time: 7:30am - 5pm

CCW class location



How To Enroll:

Step 1: Select the date for your class from the above list of available class dates. If you have questions call us first at 702-475-4078.

Step 2: Register for your class online. Registration is mandatory. We do not allow walk-ins as we are sold out every class. The online registration system updates in real time and you can see the number of seats available for each class date. Walk-ins will be turned away as we will not have seats.


Step 3: Arrive at class at 7:15am

Tuition (includes gun qualification):

Nevada CCW $100 / Renewal $80

Nevada, Utah, & Florida CCW class - $150

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CCW class location

CCW Las Vegas
11357 N Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas NV 89131
Phone: 702-475-4078 | Email: info@ccw-lasvegas.com